Below are all the papers written and reviewed by the LSST DESC. You can read our publication policy here, and download a bibtex file of all LSST DESC papers here.

  • C. D. Leonard & R. Mandelbaum, "Measuring the scale-dependence of intrinsic alignments using multiple shear estimates" (2018), submitted to MNRAS. (ADS, PDF, bibtex)
  • Y-Y. Mao, E. Kovacs, K. Heitmann, T. D. Uram, A. J. Benson, D. Campbell, S. Cora, J. DeRose, T. Di Matteo, S. Habib, A.P. Hearin, J.B. Kalmbach, K.S. Krughoff, F. Lanusse, Z. Lukic, R. Mandelbaum, J. A. Newman, N. Padilla, E. Paillas, A. Pope, P.M. Ricker, A.N. Ruiz, A. Tenneti, C.A. Vega-Martinez, R.H. Wechsler, R. Zhou, Y. Zu.  "DESCQA: An Automated Validation Framework for Synthetic Sky Catalogs" (2018), ApJS, 234, 36. (ADS, PDF, bibtex)